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Juwana Jones June 29, 2006
Thank GOD for 11/30/2005! The world will be a better place because of the angels you have given us. This is a family made in heaven! All the best & big congrats.
Michele Rotter-Doran June 29, 2006
What a beautiful family..... Congratulations!
Ilsa Mendoza June 29, 2006
Congratulations. I will be by to see them tonight or tomorrow!
Colleen Buckley June 29, 2006
Oh My God! They are so beautiful and you have been so blessed. Seeing the picutres and reading all the information gave me the chills. I am so happy for you and your new family! Chicks Rule! Congratulations! XOXO
Carrie Peel June 29, 2006
Congratulations! What precious little miracles. They are all beautiful and I love all of the names. Keep us updated on how everyone is doing. Thank you for sharing the details and pictures.
John Savage June 29, 2006
You go GIRLS!!! Congrats and it's wonderful to hear everyone is doing well!!!
David McMillan June 29, 2006
Congratulations to all of you. I am really happy for you guys you. You will have more fun than your will realize growing with the kids over the years. What a special gift you guys have recieved. Let me know if you need any help over the years.
Chris Fauth June 29, 2006
Congratulations to you all. I am glad to here that everyone is doing fine.
Cheryl Metz (Kelly Turner's Mom) June 29, 2006
Hi Girls. I am so happy that you are all here. I know Mommy and Daddy just love you so much. Maybe some time I can come with Kelly and visit you all. Love, Cheryl
Ralph waldo emerson June 29, 2006
tres bien, cest tu bien