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Teresa Dore May 11, 2007
They are darling! What a gift from God. You take marvelous photos of your girls. I look forward to watching them grow.
Kristy Branham May 10, 2007
They are awesome!! Beautiful little girls.
Rich Vick May 01, 2007
Thank you for sharing the photos. Have fun and enjoy every moment while you can. They will be in high school soon! Take care, Rich.
Mara Rockhold April 23, 2007
Wow! Hi MaryBeth... They were cute from day one! I saw them this past weekend at the ATM picnic and thought they were beautiful, and it's now been reaffirmed. Have a blessed day!
Barbara lowery March 16, 2007
Hello I work with your good friend GWEN . I also am the proud grandmother of twins girls . Your babies are beautiful you have been richly blessed . I will enjoy watching them grow.
Barbara Gorman March 05, 2007
Hi! Lynne Whitley sent me to your website. We have 17 mo quads., identical boys, boy and girl plus we have a 3 year old boy. We met the Whitley's at Northside NICU. We live in Acworth and they are in Grayson so we pretty much only talk via phone or email. Glad to hear there are more quad families out there. Hope to hear from you sometime. I am the one selling the quad highchair. Take Care! Barbara
Mike Ryan March 01, 2007
Absolutely gorgeous babies. Mike Ryan ER Tech Scottish Rite Saw Mom and Emily March 1, 2007... Good luck may the Lord continue to bless you with healthy growing little girls.
Natalie Hickes Cook February 26, 2007
Hi Marybeth! It was suprising to run into you at the sale - Glad you stopped me! WOW quadrulpets! Congradulations! Your daughters are just beautiful! To have a child is always such a blessing from God - you & your husband have been blessed four times over :)
Dawn Malone Goldys February 25, 2007
MaryBeth, What a wonderful suprise! Natalie Hickes emailed me and I've had the best time on your website. The girls are beautiful and although I know you and your husband have your hands full, you seem to be a natural! Best of parenting to you both - what a blessing you have been given!
Cassandra M. Quick February 24, 2007
Congratulations! Your girls are absolutely beautiful! Natalie said she saw you today at the consignment sale. I can't believe you have quads. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in May. You have a wonderful family. Take care!!!!!