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Maeve MacSteves January 04, 2010
What a lovely family - girls, you will have such fun growing up together! Blessings to all of you!
Bonnie Morris March 06, 2009
Hey Marybeth! Your girls are growing so fast. I got up early this morning trying to think of something catchy for my quads 6th birthday party and came across your website, very creative! Hope you all are doing well. We need to have a giant quad get together somewhere, how crazy would that be? Have a great day.
a4cWGqEd Chiu February 26, 2009
Beautiful girls I loved the beach shot and since it's about 30 degrees here i wish i was there also.
Colleen Buckley February 16, 2009
Hi Marybeth, The girls are soooo cute. It is wonderful to see everyone doing so well. I can not believe they are almost 3 years old. You are doing a fantastice job! xoxo Colleen
colleen buckley February 16, 2009
Hi Marybeth, The girls are sooo cute. I am happy to see everyone is doing so well. I can not believe they are almost 3. You are doing a wonderful job! XOXO Colleen
Trish Fennel January 30, 2009
Cute! Cute! Cute! Enjoyed the quads while "Dad" was working on an IKON computer issue with me today. I had a lot more fun than he did. Here's to lots of love and fun for the Reeves bunch!!
candy December 19, 2008
Hey they r getoon so big. Is it time for more????/ give me a call i miss u guys
Jennifer Winterscheidt December 19, 2008
We briefly met your family at Shane's Rib Shack a couple nights ago. My husband was so amazed, he started looking up information about multiple births and found your website. What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing them with us!
Tami Murray November 10, 2008
What an incredible website. Love the video of them talking, what a great glimpse into what your day is like. :) Great vacation pictures too. Thanks for sharing!
Tom & Shane Reeves November 10, 2008
Thank you for sharing the photos! The girls are getting so big!!! We miss you! Q Branch