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Ayah Miller (James' mom) May 22, 2013
Love this site! James would love to keep in touch. :-) My skype is Ayah.Miller. Have a great summer!
Hannah March 09, 2013
Your family is truly beautiful! As a mother of two I know the amount of work children bring to a home, but also the amount of love. God bless you all! Love Hannah + Irelyn and Skye
Nancy Harpool (Butch Harpool) September 08, 2012
We love watching them grow.
Jon Soles February 08, 2012
Good afternoon! What beautiful girls! I found your website while searching for information on quads, as my wife Vanessa is pregnant with quadruplets. I am interested in also setting up a web page, with hopes of attracting some kind of sponsors or advertisements for family income. Do you have any tips?
gena gardner January 08, 2012
so impressed with your work. GOD Bless you and your family. you're a special mom. gena
Frances July 02, 2011
Congratulations MaryBeth, they are gorgeous. I have three children, Laura e Bernardo [twins] and Francie. Takes work but certainly worth.
Christin Hooper June 20, 2011
Such beautiful girls! I have two sets of twins Ansley and Chase 11-9-10 and Addison and Landon 9-18-08. Everyday is an adventure and I wish I was documenting it as well as you!
Mrs. Gail May 31, 2011
I love the webpage girlies! I miss you all already. Have a great summer. Kindergarden will be here before you know it.
Melanie and Girls September 19, 2010
I just love your website MaryBeth! You are so good at keeping up with everything going on with the girls :) I adore the quads and thank you for being a friend!
Maguy Larochelle May 08, 2010
I enjoyed catching up with the girls. Time flies! I can't believe how great they look and how big they are!! Great job mom!!!