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Carl Menkes June 29, 2006
Congratulations Mary Beth to you and your family!! Which is now of course a lot bigger. Try to get some'll need it.
Michel and Joe Caniglia June 29, 2006
Congratulations They are beautiful girls and I love all of their names. We are so happy for you and will keep you in our thoughts.
Michel and Joe Caniglia June 29, 2006
Jack and Angela Maly June 29, 2006
CONGRATULATIONS! Mary Beth and Kirk! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Gwendolyn, Hannah, Isabella, and Emily! The Girls are so adorable! We can't wait to meet our new Nieces/Cousins and see you two! We love all 6 of you!
Julie Nelson June 29, 2006
I have tears of relief to hear the news. I am so happy for you. We have all been waiting for "Mom" to become a mom to someone other than us! You are the one who has kept us together,and you will be the one to create a new wonderful family. Congratulations and love you!
Kimiko Lawson June 29, 2006
Mac McGraw June 29, 2006
Congratulations! I'm very happy for you guys. You will be wonderful parents. God Bless and get some rest!
Mario & Roula Rulli June 29, 2006
Congratulations!! We are so excited to learn the news that your girlz have arrived and everyone is doing well-- what a blessing they all are! Take care of yourselves---
Amy & Thomas Garces June 29, 2006
CONGRATULATIONS TIMES FOUR! I am so happy for all of you! All are just gorgeous, and most importantly, healthy! We send you all our love and best wishes for a lifetime of joy... and some sleep in the next few years!
Carlos June 29, 2006
Simply Awesome!!!! Congrats guys. Now the fun begins!!!