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Aunt Kathy, Joe and Kristin July 03, 2006
We will keep Isabella along with all of you in our prayers. We love you!
Janice & Ji mmy Hansil July 02, 2006
Congratulations! We're glad that everything went well. The girls are beautiful!
Anissa, Jeff, and Jack Vega July 02, 2006
Happy Birthday Girls! Jack can't wait for you to be big enough to play chase with. In about 15 years, he is gonna be mad at us for moving away from so many beautiful girls. Kirk doesn't have a shot-gun, right? --The Vega Family
Debbie Wasserman July 02, 2006
Marybeth and Kirk, Congratulations on your beautiful girls. I am so glad you put together this website so I could keep track of you and the babies. It's Debbie from Matria. You were a pleasure to have as a patient and I look forward to keeping tabs on you and the quads. Best of luck - pls feel free to call anytime. Warmest wishes - Debbie
Tim, Kathy, Casey and Amy July 01, 2006
So astonishing. We are at Karen & Johnny's 4th of July picnic and Karen showed us this website. You can imagine all the oohs and aahs as we clicked through the pictures of your daughters. Congratulations. We sending our love to all 6 of you. Diapers are next.
Susie et al July 01, 2006
P. S. Great names!!!
Susie, Bill & all the boys July 01, 2006
CONGRATULATIONS, MaryBeth & Kirk!!!! The girls are beautiful and so healthy--you must be the best pre-birth parents ever. What a blessed big family you have. Love from AZ
The "J " Branch June 30, 2006
You two matched us in a day. WOW! The girls love their new cousins. More diapers on the way. We love you all.
Kathy Lowe (Crocker, Mo.) Tommy Kinsley's daughter June 30, 2006
Congratulations on the Reeves Quads! We know Grandpa Tommy and wanted to see his new grandbbabies. They are beautiful! What special blessings you all have received.
Becky Reeves and Jeff Powers June 30, 2006
Kirk and Mary Beth....Hi there! Congratulation you guys! I wish we could see them now! But when you come to AZ, please let us know! We've got a lot of catching up to do.