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Jennifer--Roxanne's sister 2006-06-12 12:05:39.0
My "Wednesday Ladies" Bible study has been praying for y'all. Remeber every night--you gave them another day!!!!
Althea Peabody 2006-06-12 10:22:14.0
You're making me CRY again! Oh my amazing! I couldn't be happier for you two...I mean, SIX! Keep this site updated for all of us long-distance friends! I love it! :-)
Jennifer Kobb 2006-06-12 08:44:28.0
I'm so glad Kirk gave this site for us to view. Good job on it! We can't wait for their arrival.
Linda Wilson 2006-06-12 08:24:21.0
To simply put it......this is very exciting! It is truly a blessing.
Carlos, Nancy, Aaron, Zac, Rockford & Ephraim 2006-06-12 08:21:55.0
Just think in a couple of weeks your family will be as big as mine! Great job on the website and the nursery. We are thinking about you and will keep you in our prayers. The Basto Family
James, Joelle, Ryan, and Jordan 2006-06-12 08:03:23.0
We are so excited about the girls coming home soon, as we can't wait to meet them!!! We will pray for their safe arrival, and for you all too!!! Love The Szendel's
Jill Nunes 2006-06-12 07:10:15.0
Great idea! I'll be checking to see how you and your family are progressing. Best wishes.
Alison Wall Smythe 2006-06-12 06:02:25.0
I'm so happy for you both. The website is aweseome and the pictures are a great way to share this huge event. The rooms look very different than the last time I saw them. Of course, it's Mary Beth's Good Taste!! Keep us posted. Diapers are on the way!! in the beginning, it's about 25 a week, per baby. Yikes!! Love, ali
Meghann Maloney 2006-06-12 05:49:29.0
Congragulations! I am so happy for you guys. I can't wait to see more pictures of the babies. Babies are a wonderful blessing and it is great to hear how well you are doing!
Juwana Jones 2006-06-12 05:06:56.0
All the best!!! I am so happy for you guys and cannot wait to see the babies... Keep up the good work!