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dave and deb rosengrant June 13, 2006
Congratulations! You have been in our thoughts and prayers. Great website-keep us updated
Carolyn Austin June 13, 2006
You have been on my mind sooo much. I am so glad you and the babies are doing so well.
Marilyn Bolton June 13, 2006
It is great to see the miracle of life. God Bless You and the babies Marilyn
Jack and Angela Maly June 12, 2006
Congratulations!! The website is awesome! Thanks for sharing this special time with all of us! Hope all is well and we can't wait to see you and the babies! Congrats again! We love you!
Katie Montante June 12, 2006
Wow! So exciting...I'm thinking of you often...congratulations, this is so amazing...also the website itself is very pretty...miss you, love you!
Mike & Sandy,Lisa & AJ,Nicholas,Michael & Lisa Maly June 12, 2006
Congratulations!! Love the web site we hope you all are doing well. We will check back soon. Love you all!!
Nicho June 12, 2006
Peggy McGarry and Gang June 12, 2006
WOW! What a fantastic journal of the beginning of four wonderful new members of the McGarry Clan. We are keeping Mom, Dad and ABCD in our prayers :) Looking forward to all the updates. Love Aunt Peggy, Susanne, Jethro, Kelsi, Graci, Josi and Jetti
Maguy Larochelle June 12, 2006
Very nice! This will make great memories for the children and the parents. Many more to look forward to.
Tanay Hinkle June 12, 2006
I'm excited for you two (4 times the excitement). I can't await until these bundles of joy arrive.. Nice job on the website!