Isabella - Born June 28, 2006 · 3:00pm · 3 lbs 6 oz · 16 3/4 inches
Emily - Born June 28, 2006 · 3:00pm · 2 lbs 9 oz · 15 1/2 inches
Gwendolyn - Born June 28, 2006 · 2:59pm · 3 lbs 4 oz · 16 inches
Hannah - Born June 28, 2006 · 2:59pm · 3 lbs 13 oz · 17 inches

Welcome to the Reeves Quadruplets web page!

Please sign our guest book so we know you stopped by for a visit. Mommy is saving the guest book entries for when the girls are older, so leave us a note, even if you have left a note in the past!

Happy Halloween!!

We have posted some cute pictures of our little monkeys, please check them out. Halloween 2008 

We also have new weights on our growth chart. You won't believe how big we are,

There are also a few video's of the girls trying to talk our ears off. And some great pictures of our family vacation to Hilton Head Island over labor day. Hilton Head Vacation
Hilton Head Vacation 2

We have had some big milestones lately, most importantly, learning to use the potty. Gwendolyn is the only one to successfully use the potty. Hannah tried to get the same praise we gave Gwendolyn, by peeing on the living room carpet, and could did not seem to understand why we were not as happy with her as we were for her sister. All of the girls are very interested in sitting (or standing) on the potty seats (we have 9 around the house), but so far Gwendo is the only one to make one successful visit. The big push, pardon the pun, will come the week of Thanksgiving when mommy has the week off from work, and plans to keep the girls naked the whole time until the get the hang of it.

We also got to meet another family with Quadruplets, the Smith family. They were selected to be on the TV show Deserving Design with Vern Yip on HGTV and they stayed at one of mommy's companies hotels while they were having a few rooms in their house redecorated. We all went up to the hotel to visit while they were on a "staycation" and to get to know each other. The girls were enamored with the older Quads, Faith, Hope, Taylor and Lauren. We took a few pictures of the fun! If mommy thought getting 4 kids to look the camera at the same tame was hard, 8 kids was impossible!! The visit even made mommy's work newsletter.

A meeting of the Quads!




HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to the girls!

The girls celebrated their second birthday on June 28th, 2008. We had a little party in the backyard and the girls had a blast. They loved having other kids around, and being able to run around without being restricted by gates, like when we normally play in the back yard.

There are lots of new pictures from the birthday, as well as some from the past several months.

Everyone is trying to talk, Hannah and Emily more than Gwendo and Isa. Hannah's favorite words are Meow Meow- (kitty) and Puppy, both which she normally yells whenever she sees any thing that even resembles either a kitty or a puppy. Emily loves to talk, she always have, but is is not always with words anyone else but herself understands. She is usually saying a new word every few days though, so hopefully soon we will all know what she has been trying to say for the last year, Gwendolyn and Isa are selective with their words. They each know how to say certain things, but "THEY" decide when they want to say them. And it certainly is not when you ask them to say a word. They both like to give the sign language sign for the word more or shake their head no!




Yes, it has been months since I was able to update the pictures, and I apologize for it taking so long. Bad mommy, bad mommy!



I have put up several pages, showing the best of  the Spring and Summer, including some great pics of the girls first birthday. There is also a page from Labor Day, and from Halloween!

And update on the girls, everyone is walking, and Hannah and Gwendolyn seem to want to run everywhere. All the girls love music and try to dance every time they hear a song. Isabella especially loves live music and loves when Grandma Lynn takes her to concerts in the park.

We have upgraded to our big girl car seats and almost everyone can face forward. Little Emily still has a few pound to go before her car seat does not have to be rear facing. She hates it when we play the DVD in the minivan and she can hear it but not watch it.

Everyone is looking forward to our big trip to Disney World in December. Flying with Quads will certainly be an adventure!

 We have also added growth charts so you can see how big everyone is getting!!





We are getting ready for the girls first birthday on June 28th, and their first party on June 30th. Great Grandma McKellar, Grandma Lynn, Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Judy, Grandpa Tom and Grandma Jenny as well as Aunt Susie, Aunt Pat, Aunt Betsy, Uncle Al and Cousin Katie are all planning on attending. It should be one heck of a party. We hope you all can join us!

Update as of January 08, 2007

Join us in watching "In the Womb-Multiples" and see the Reeves Quadruplets as they entered the world. 
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