Gwendolyn - Born June 28, 2006 · 2:59am · 3 lbs 4 oz
Hannah - Born June 28, 2006 · 2:59pm · 3 lbs 6 oz
Isabella - Born June 28, 2006 · 3:00pm · 3 lbs 6 oz
Emily - Born June 28, 2006 · 3:00pm · 2 lbs 9 oz

Welcome to the Reeves Quadruplets web page!!

--Current News--

* Keep up those prayers for Isabella.  It appears Isabella is out of the woods.  She has been removed from the respirator and has started regular feeds to supplement the IV.

Thanks again for all the support we have received.

* All the girls are on regular feeds and have no IV's.   The staff continue to monitor their progress.  (Pray for these girls too.)

* Mom is home tomorrow and Grandma Jenny is staying with us for a couple of weeks to help.

The Reeves Family has 4 little girls. The girls were born and 2:58PM, 2:59PM and the twins at 3:00. Everyone came out screaming and they are all doing exceptionally well. Mom is recovering and doing fine.

Each baby has their own page with ultrasound pictures throughout the pregnancy, be sure to check them out.

The family page has pictures from the very beginning. For those of you that do not know, in November we went through our second round of invitro fertilization. We implanted 3 embryos, and one of them split to form an identical twin, so now we have four babies on the way.
We hope you enjoy the photos and will update them when new ones are available.

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