Spring Break 2014-Disney
April 10, 2014

Spring Break in Florida to visit Grandpa and Grandma and Disney

The start of the day before the park even opens!
Let's go
Sitting with Grandpa in Belle's cottage
Isa with a Hannah photo bomb
Isa at Belle's cottage
Gwendolyn plays the Beast, Hannah plays the wardrobe, Emily is silverware
Isabella and Hannah meeting Belle
The girlies meet Belle
Riding the Ariel adventure
In Space Jail
In Space Jail
Gwendo gets to drive a red Car!!
So excited, driving with Grandpa
Emily and Daddy
Isabella and Grandma
Mommy and Daddy selfie at Pirates of the Caribeen
Swiss Treehouse Emily
Hannah skipping Splash Mountain
The rest of us getting soaked!
Mickey Pretzels
Rapunzel's tower
Tea Cups, last ride of the night-the fast cup with Daddy
Mommy and Hannah in the slow cup
headed to the parade
Leaving with our new goodies! What a great day!
The car ride home after 13 hours at Disney World
Riding Splash Mountain, Daddy and Isa in the front, Grandpa and Emily in the 2nd row and Gwendo and Mommy hiding under a coat in the back.