Halloween 2008
November 01, 2008

The girls loved Halloween this year and had NO problem understanding how to reach in a basket, get candy, and put it in their pumpkin. We went to two Trunk 'n Treats at local churches where families give away candy from the truck of their cars during a festival at the church. They thought this was the best thing ever. In fact I am sure they liked it better than the actual night we went trick or treating. They also went to Daddy's office and Grandma's office to trick or treat, so we have more candy then we know what to do with. If anyone wants to visit be prepared for 4 two year olds all hoped up on sugar!!

We had great costumes this year, donated by our friends the Parker Quadruplets. We will be passing them on to the Whitman Quadruplets for next year.
Quads Rule!!

Emily Monkey
Isabella Monkey
Hannah Monkey
Gwendolyn Monkey
Hannah, Isabella, Emily, Gwendolyn
Hannah, Isabella, Emily, Gwendolyn
Checking out our loot!
More candy please!
Hannah, Isabella, Emily, Gwendolyn
Trick or Treating with our friends at the Forum
Trick or Treating with our friends at the Forum
Hitting our first house!
On to the next house for more candy with Grandma
Daddy and Emily